On the occasion of his 22nd wedding anniversary, Pierce Brosnan has stunned fans by releasing a previously seen wedding photo…

The actor best known for playing James Bond turned to Instagram to post a stunning snapshot from the couple’s wedding day in 2001, taken immediately after the pair spoke their vows.

In addition to that, Pierce had written a touching note to his wife, which went as follows: “We danced the dance that night, and we still dance the dance today, so I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, my darling Keely, i wish I could do it all over again.”

The happy pair’s devoted followers and well-known mutual acquaintances were quick to send their well wishes, with one admirer writing: “The picture is really breathtaking, and the couple is quite attractive.

What a wonderful blessing it is to have a spouse who is so kind, devoted, and gorgeous.”

A second voice remarked: “I hope you have a lovely year to celebrate your anniversary! I am very proud of both of you, and I pray that the happiness that your marriage has brought to all of us will continue to grow.”

Chelsea Handler added: “Congratulations to the both of you! Excellent job at leading by example!” On her own Instagram account, Keely Brosnahan uploaded the same photo with the caption, “Happy Anniversary to the man I adore @piercebrosnanofficial.”

After being forced to postpone their wedding three times due to unforeseen circumstances, the pair finally tied the knot in Ballintubber Abbey in his home country of Ireland in front of one hundred guests. They are both parents to their two children, Dylan and Paris.

The big day, which was chronicled, was really cloaked in mystery and had a number of aspects that would have made his 007 persona pleased. In addition, there was a fireworks show, a cake with seven tiers, and an intricate ice sculpture depicting Rodin’s The Kiss on exhibit.

Photographs indicated that Keely was wearing a stunning white dress that was embellished with scalloped lace.

She completed her classic wedding appearance by wearing pearl droplet earrings and a tiny diamond tiara that she had set in her polished updo.

The Hollywood actor had previously wed Cassandra Harris in 1980, thus this union marked his second time walking down the aisle. Sean, the couple’s kid, followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor after the couple had him.

When Cassandra’s children Charlotte and Chris lost their father, Dermot Harris, to a tragic accident in 1986, Pierce became their adoptive parent.

Sadly, Pierce was unable to save either Cassandra or Charlotte from their battle with ovarian cancer.

Both Cassandra and Charlotte passed as a result of the same illness in the years 1991 and 2013, respectively.

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